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During this time I was settling into the Gaolyard Studios and with a change of studio my pots were again changing. I was still working largely with low fired pots, but with the “copper raku” pots I started working with paternating chemicals, using them in post firing techniques to add a new dimension to the work. I was also finding new ways to decorate my burnished earthenware pots. I had become interested in an old photographic technique called “gum bichromate”. I developed an emulsion that I could apply to the raw pot which when exposed through a projector gave me the basis for working on complicated patterns that I had previously  designed on a computer. I was hugely amused to find myself working with the most primitive of techniques in that of; terra sigillata slips, and burnished surfaces, alongside modern technology and the computer, it seemed a long way from the Leach Pottery.

I enjoy immensely working within a group again, there is something of the spirit I found at the Leach Pottery in the Gaolyard setup. We all enjoy our privacy, but we can call on the group when we need any kind of support. I realise now this is an important asset to anyone working in a creative environment.    


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