The 1970’s were my knowledge and skill building years. At the beginning of the decade I was at the Leach pottery working as a student apprentice. The arrangement was that we worked for two years under the tutorship of Bill Marshall and Bernard Leach. The working day was from 8-5 during which we made the Leach Pottery standard ware. In these years I learnt the skills of repeat throwing, glaze technology, decorating techniques, and an understanding of kilns and how to fire them. In 1970 I met Jean Tessier when he visited the Leach Pottery; I asked if I could work at his atelier when I left the Leach. In 1971 I left for France to work with Jean for a year. On my return to England, Janet Leach asked if I wanted to join the Leach permanent staff, so I returned to the Leach to work for a further six years. During these years I was allowed to develop and make my own individual pots. Apart from selling them in the Leach showroom, I also had three solo shows; in London, Plymouth, and at the Leach pottery. In 1979 I left the Leach to study in Japan, at the Ichino pottery in Tamba. I had met Shigeyoshi Ichino while he was working  at the Leach when I was an apprentice. He also worked with me in France for a month at Tessier’s atelier. I rounded off my year in Japan, with a very successful solo show at the Hankyu Department store, Osaka. After a few months travelling in Southeast Asia I returned to England, and opened my own workshop in Penzance.