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In 1990 I moved my workshop from Trencrom into St Ives, were I had bought the Harts ice cream factory in Fish Street. I converted the back into my workshop and the front into gallery space for selling. I called it at first St Ives Pottery, but later due to confusion with the Leach Pottery it became St Ives Ceramics. The 90’s was a very productive period for me with many exhibitions, it felt like coming in from the cold after the isolation of Trencrom. I took on a few assistants at the time to help with the work load, one of which was Sam Hall, who was later to help me set up and run the Gaolyard Studios. I also met at this time Kate Chertavian an art consultant, who loved pots, I exhibited with her in some prestigious shows in Cork Steet. We became friends and business partners and set up CBS Ceramics a collection of 20th Century master potters which we have since built up over the years.

At the end of the 1990’s when I moved to the Gaolyard Studios and expanded the gallery into my old workshop space, this collection became the centre-piece spirit of St Ives Ceramics setting a standard for the whole space.