1990’s Fumed Pots

 raku pots

When I moved my workshop from Trencrom my style changed, I shifted away from Raku firings and developed a fuming technique with metallic salts. It was not such a transition as it looked, as I was still working on burnished surfaces and using sigillata slips but no longer applying decoration. I biscuit fired my raku body to 1000c. I then had a very low firing with the metalic salts wrapped around the pot in metal foil. I took great care in how I wrapped the pot as where the foil came in contact with the pot the coloration was more intense and where I left air pockets the gases from the salts coloured in a more subtle way. I also left open channels for smoke to trickle through which I introduced during the firing. By this way I had some method of control over the outcome although the effects were and looked random.