Illustrated Pots

These pots are mostly made from earthenware clays and the surfaces burnished and various terra sigillata slips applied.

I apply a light sensitive emulsion - that I have developed - to the raw pot and expose it to patterns I have previously designed on the computer or from drawings. I then work on them applying colour through enamels or slips, and scriffito through the clay. I also use stencils for relief patterns in some areas, building a complex web of texture and pattern. I find the whole process exciting, fun and immensely creative.

My work has long been about exploring the movement of thrown pots when they are altered and manipulated from their circular shape, they take on a new dimension both perceived and in reality. They also provide a good backdrop for my designs, which are always adapted and considered for each individual pot. The success of melding form and design is the ultimate goal for making a “good” pot, as pots should always be viewed as a whole and not by it’s parts, as a failure in one aspect can destroy it’s character, a lesson I learnt long ago by my teacher Bernard Leach.