I moved my workshop from Fish St. to the Gaolyard Studios in 1998. I had spent two years converting it from a derelict council yard into 9 studio spaces for potters, it had been previous to that, the town gaol and workhouse, so I named it the Gaolyard Studios.

My original idea was to create workshop space for itinerate potters to work in St Ives for short periods, but due to a lack of workshop space in town it soon became apparent there was a greater need for more permanent facilities for local potters. Over the years a core of potters took up residence to make up a mixed bunch of professional potters, all differing in styles and experience. We give each other support and encouragement within a faint air of competition, which I find the perfect balance to work in.

There are four various sized electric kilns, a gas kiln - and a raku kiln outside, all of which we share. We also have a communal clay mixer, pug mill, and extruder, also everyone is quite free in sharing their own equipment and tools. Added to this on the ground floor there are stores for clay and materials and a stock room for finished work.

At the entrance we have a minimal showroom which we retail from; it is an on demand service and has fairly relaxed opening times