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North South in the West

It is 30 years since St Ives Ceramics opened the gallery, so for the coming year they will be staging various events their website and in the gallery, kicking off with an exhibition with Pots by John Bedding and Sam Hall titled “North South in the West”. It has now ended, and despite covid we had a wonderful response to it, making a very successful exhibition. 

St Ives Ceramic’s Leach Centenary Exhibition was postponed due to Covid, but they will be staging it next Easter alongside the Leach Pottery’s postponed events under the umbrella title Leach 100+1. St Ives Ceramics exhibition will tell the story in the work of the potters that worked there through the 100 years, I will be exhibiting as part of that story. 

John Bedding Large Arched Pot sold during the exhibition
Sam Hall Large Tapering Bowl sold during the exhibition